Lefkas Charter Base


Welcome to one of the best organized marinas of the Mediterranean, the marina of Lefkas island, operating from 2002! Our charter base here is the ideal starting point for an unforgettable sailing vacation across the amazing seascape that is called “Ionian Sea”; seven main islands, several islets and innumerous coves and secluded bays await you, so prepare yourself for the ultimate sailing experience!

Situated on the eastern side of the island, a stone’s throw away from Lefkas town and right beside the main harbour, this is a state of the art marina featuring a total capacity of 620 vessels. Its visitors get the chance to explore the town’s various charms; sightseeing, museum visiting, strolling up and down the paved streets, shopping, dining, the to-do list is really long and pleasing! At the same time, all sorts of shops and services are offered inside the marina, so that you can get to enjoy a truly carefree sailing vacation from the moment you set foot on the island!

Our base is conveniently situated in a strategic and central location of the Marina. The various boats of our fleet are available both for skippered and bareboat rentals, while you get the chance to choose from a wide selection of amazing catamarans and sailing yachts. Moreover, our experienced staff is always at your disposal to make sure that, no matter what your needs are, we’ ve got them covered!
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Easy and fast access is one of Lefkas island most sought-after qualities.

By plane: Preveza-Aktio Airport (Situated only 18km away from Lefkas marina, the airport is well connected on a daily basis with many European destinations from April till October, while there are daily flights to and from Athens International Airport throughout the year.

By car: It may be an island but still, Lefkas can be easily accessed by car via a 50m long bridge that connects it to the mainland.