Ionian Islands Tour

2 Weeks
Lefkada Base
Idyllic beaches, underwater caves, turquoise waters: the Ionian sea is in the bucket list of every sailor! Our 2 week Ionian Island tour below starts from our charter base in Lefkada and visits all the major islands: Kefalonia, Ithaca, Zakynthos plus all the famous smaller islands. Explore away!
Day 1
Hurray! The time has come for your sailing vacation to begin and Lefkas island will serve as the ideal starting point. Meet us at our base in the island’s Marina (1), so that we will brief you with all your trip’s details, while you will get to know your dream charter boat! Check-in done, so… off you go! Sail towards Meganissi Island and Spartochori (2) gulf. Make sure you add a taverna visit to your wishlist and treat yourself to a delicious meal, before you call it a day.
Day 2
Sunday is a good day for you to sail towards Desimi (3), an incredible scenery, featuring idyllic beaches and awe-inspiring caves! Don’t miss the chance to swim in the crystal clear waters, and should you be in a mood for exploration, drop anchor and enter the cave of Agios Nikolaos, on your sup, canoe, or the yacht’s inflatable boat. The feeling inside the cave is really something! Upcoming destination is Vassiliki (4), Lefkas’ renowned southern port. The village is a real beauty and will not fail to impress you with its various charms, among which a whole lot of restaurants, serving exquisite sea flavors. Help yourself!
Day 3
This will be a Monday to remember! Make sure you get up early so you will be on time for your upcoming rendezvous with the world-famous Porto Katsiki (5). This is the closest a Greek beach will ever get to the Carribean and- oh is it dazzling! Expect turquoise waters, idyllic surroundings and an overall amazing yachting experience, before you head to the Island of Kefalonia and its beautiful port of Fiskardo (6); yet another great destination that will satisfy your every need. Shopping, dining, carefree strolling up and down the streets, you name it!
Day 4
How about reaching Ithaca and discovering its obvious and hidden gems? Afales (7) beach is next on the list! A really beautiful spot, ideal for revitalizing swimming, surrounded by an impressively green scenery! Take your time. Breathe in. Relax. And when you feel all filled-up, sail off towards Kioni (8), the little and hospitable port that will offer you a safe and quiet shelter for the night.
Day 5
Say hello to a new glorious morning and set sails towards Marmakas (9), another favorite spot among skippers and charter yachts (yes, there are THAT many of them around)! Today is another perfect day for total relaxation by the sea, or to put it better, on the sea and occasionally in it. When the wind freshens up, set sails towards Kefalonia, and more specifically the port of Sami (10). Moor up, and feel free to move around the streets of the beautiful village. Treat yourself to a delicious dinner and satisfy your appetite.
Day 6
Your charter vacation is about to enter a new exciting chapter, as today you will sail to Zakynthos! The journey is a bit long from Sami to the famous Blue Caves (11), but, trust us, it is well worth every minute! The renowned spot is quite famous among yachters, and one of the island’s best known natural attractions, featuring impressive geological formations that have created a series of caves along the northwest coast, from Agios Nikolaos all the way to Cape Schoinari. Drop anchor and feel free to explore the pristine seascape, on your inflatable boat. The night will be spent at the port of Agios Nikolaos (12), where you will get some well-deserved rest after a long, fun-packed day.
Day 7
It’s Friday and you will fall in love with what is perhaps the island’s, if not the whole country’s, most-captured attraction! The famous Navagio, also known as Shipwreck (13), is an exposed cove, covered by small limestone pebbles, and surrounded by impressively tall, vertical geological formations. Trademark of the scenery is the abandoned shipwreck that rests half-buried. The spot is accessible only by sea, thus quite popular among charter yachts and catamarans. It is quite common that the waters around the shipwreck turn electric blue, due to the numerous sulfur springs within the caves that surround the beach. After spending your day at this amazing spot, you will head to the island’s Hora. It shall take you a while to get there, so make sure you enjoy the trip to the fullest. Once you moor up, expect to enter a lively and spirited town. Zakynthos (14) will find many ways to seduce you, whatever you are up for, shopping, sightseeing, dining, or even clubbing!
Day 8
Upcoming destination: Marathonissi (15)! The private island, that used to be inhabited until World War Two, nowadays has no population, and is located within the Marine Park. It serves as home to the famous sea turtles Caretta Caretta, who go there to breed, therefore it is highly recommended to reach it at a low speed. The island features two beautiful beaches, one sandy and one with pebbles. It ‘s perfect for swimming and snorkeling. Oh, and seal spotting, if you are lucky enough, as Monacus Monacus is another sea species who has found shelter in this pristine niche of earth. Night will find you in Kefallonia, and in particular the port of Poros (16). Prepare yourself for a long journey back and make sure you eat and rest well, once you reach the port.
Day 9
Like a modern Ulysses, today you will return to your Ithaca! Pera Pigadi (17) is on schedule. Αn amazing scenery, where green slopes go all the way to the shore to meet the white pebbles and the kind of waters you just can’t get enough off! Lygia comes up next, and again, it will be hard not to fall in love with the crystal clear seas of this tiny islet. Then, it is time to sail straight to Vathy (18), Ithaca’s main town, a traditional settlement, with beautiful buildings, a serene atmosphere and the characteristic islet of Lazareto.
Day 10
Today you will be heading to the amazing small island of Atokos (19) and you will spend the night there, so don’t forget to check your provisions! This elongated and -as green as it gets- island features several coves and small caves, all along its coastline and at least 2 amazing beaches. Make sure you get there early enough, so that you won’t have to leave anything out of your “been there/done that” list.
Day 11
It’s just another day in paradise called Atokos! Now is your chance to get to explore the island a bit more. Breathe in, swim, relax and when it feels right, move on to the next destination: Kastos. When yachting in Ioanian, you have to get used to the fact that the options are just too many and too good. Kastos (20) is no exception. Unlike Atokos, there is a village in Kastos. Around 80 inhabitants, a few tavernas, and a mini market are at your disposal, before you say goodnight.
Day 12
Today’s itinerary will lead you to Kalamos, yet another Ionian beauty that leaves no sailing lover dissatisfied. The island is famous especially for the abandoned village of Porto Leone (21) and this is exactly where you are heading! Make sure you get to swim in the extremely clear waters of this amazing scenery, before you head to Kalamos’ port (22). A peaceful and quiet traditional village, with beautiful architecture and nice tavernas to indulge in mouthwatering dishes.
Day 13
Time to head north! Meganisi (23) and its various, charming bays await you! Swimming, snorkeling, or simply giving in to the beauty of the sea and its green surroundings, just name the activity. Vathy (24) is one of the island’s 3 villages and the biggest of all. The air here is quite fresh, with an intense aroma from the surrounding pine forests. Tip of the day: perhaps you want to consider filling up with diesel at the port’s gas station, so that you can skip the traffic at Lefkas marina gas station.
Day 14
As this yachting vacation slowly reaches its end, another great destination comes to add that extra touch of magic to the overall experience. Bathyabale (25) is a great beach of the mainland, where shades of green and blue mix together resulting in a painting-like scenery! When you take in enough of this amazing place, set sails for Lefkas (26). Kindly note that we should expect you to be back to the island’s marina by 18.00 in the afternoon. Moor up and prepare yourself for an exciting night in this lively, charming town.
Day 15
This is it! 14 days and a thousand memories after, this sailing vacation is about to reach an end. You are expected to leave the yacht by no later than 9.00 a.m. It is only fair that the next sailors will find her in a sound condition like you did. We do hope you got to enjoy this 2 week yachting itinerary as much as we enjoyed working on it! We thank you for trusting us and look forward to having you back on one of our sailing yachts and catamarans.