Ionian sea has been fairly considered to be a sailing paradise. Its group of islands, from the seven main islands to an impressive amount of small islets, combine green slopes with milky blue and at times deep turquoise waters, and atmospheric villages packed with history, culture and an imposing Venetian architecture. This truly special landscape is not likely to be found anywhere else around the country- if not the entire globe!
Whatever one’s definition of a dream sailing vacation is, chances are that they will find it around here. A great amount of beaches of all kinds, featuring from white sand to limestone pebbles, compose a truly amazing seascape. Add a particularly large amount of little coves, long coastlines, secluded beaches, awe-inspiring geological formations and caves, most of which can exclusively be reached by the sea, and you get a clear picture of what has made the Ionian Sea one of yacht-charter vacation lovers’ best kept secret. Wait no more! Rent a yacht with us and get ready to sail… the extra-ordinary!

Old Fortress (Corfu)

Moor up and get ready to embark on a journey in history. Built on a small islet on the eastern edge of the Old Town of Corfu and Spianada, the Old Fortress is the site that can’t be missing from your sightseeing list. Up until the 15th century, the Fortress used to be the city of Corfu, then it was converted into a military site. Grab the opportunity to admire the magnificent architecture and meet several historic buildings, still standing: the Venetian prison, the military chapel, even the English military hospital, nowadays operating as the island’s music school.

Once you reach the Old Fortress’ highest level, you will get the chance to admire the panoramic view of Spianada and the Old Town, and if you are lucky enough you might even stumble upon open-air cultural events. Should you need some rest, during this amazing almost 3-hour-long exploration of the trails of history, it might be useful to know that there are two areas offering drinks, refreshments, coffee or even food.

Drogarati cave (Kefalonia)

Imagine attending a (most probably classical) music concert, in a special acoustics’ hall that lies literally underground and that is decorated with stalactites and stalagmites. Inspiring, huh? Well, this is not a fictional scenario, it is a common occasion in this amazing cave of Kefalonia, which happens to be the only one in Greece to be featuring a room of these dimensions (65m x 45m and 20m height). It was discovered 300 years ago, when a powerful earthquake destroyed part of it and created the entrance. The depth of the cave reaches 60 meters below ground level, the temperature is at 18˚C and humidity levels reach 90%. Since 1963 it has been open to the public and it attracts an impressive amount of visitors.

Melissani Cave (Kefalonia)

Welcome to the legendary cave of the Nymphs, a unique scenery, composed by blue waters and honey walls, countless formations and a small island, surrounded by trees- an overall rare geological phenomenon! Located 2 km northwest of Sami, in Karavomilos, the cave features a vertical, natural entrance, that was created by the fall of a roof’s part, possibly by an earthquake. There are two chambers in the B-shaped cave, one flooded with natural sunlight and the other dark and mysterious, covered with stalagmites and algae.

Back in the 1960s, the excavations brought to light several prehistoric utensils, such as plates, oil lamps and even figures of the god Pan, whom the Nymphs used to worship here, according to greek mythology. Legend has it, this was the actual spot where one of these Nymphs, Melissanti (or Melissani), drowned herself, unable to handle her rejection by the god Pan. Melissani cave certainly has a magical feeling, that you can only fully understand once you visit it. So make sure you put it on your to-do list, when you rent your yacht with us.

Fiskardo (Kefalonia)

It used to be called Panormos. Fiskardo, its current name, is believed to be owed to Norman Roberto Giscardo, the man who conquered it back in the 11th century. Located in the northern part of Kefalonia island, this picturesque port, is a very popular destination among modern travellers- and especially yachts, due to its natural beauty, its traditional architecture and its undeniable cosmopolitan touch. Time seems to have stopped here, as the settlement remained untouched by the earthquake of 1953, preserving its long and glorious history. Sailing vacation lovers keep returning to this beautiful town, on bareboats or skippered catamarans. They moor up and then peacefully stroll up and down the seaside zone, admiring the magnificent mansions. This is definitely a spot where you should drop anchor, too. Let your charter-yacht rest, while you get to enjoy life, in this little cosmopolitan paradise on earth.

Porto Katsiki (Lefkas)

First time you lay your eyes on it, you can hardly believe it is actually real. Well, it is one of the times that reality is just too good to be true. The famous Porto Katsiki is quite popular along all kinds of charter-yacht travellers, both skippered catamarans and bareboats, and this comes as no surprise; it looks like a setting from another world.

The presence of the huge rock at the backdrop is definitely awe-inspiring. You can never be sure of its intentions, is it protective or threatening? The beach is quite long and promising, covered by small white pebbles. The waters are simply amazing, with their distinctive blue color as far as the eye can see.

Top tip; make sure you get to witness at least one sunset in Porto Katsiki. The colors are simply spectacular. But also be prepared to socialize with many more fellow sailors, should you visit in the midst of high tourist season.

Navagio (Zakynthos)

Quite probably, this is one of the most instagramic sceneries of the Ionian - and one of the most recognizable places in Greece -along with the ...Parthenon, maybe? Rest assured that your expectations will never shipwreck here; reality is even more impressive than what you get tο see in the pictures.

The renowned shipwreck was an originally Scottish, old ship, that ingloriously ended up its career back in the 1980s, when it was forced to strand on this white sandy beach, in the middle of a pursuit by the Greek authorities, because of its illegal cargo; smuggling cigarettes and liquor. Nowadays it still rests half-buried by the limestone pebbles, forming a truly iconic, legendary scenery! The beach, which is accessible only by sea, attracts hundreds of yachts. Swimming in its deep blue waters, is a unique, once in a lifetime experience.

Porto Leone (Kalamos)

Kalamos is one of those tiny islands of the Ionian, whose discovery is always a big, pleasant surprise and the highlight of any Ionian charter sailing vacation! Its picturesque cove of Porto Leone, nowadays uninhabited, is a legendary pοrt tied to marine adventures as notorious pirates acted in this sea region, while thousands of Greeks found a shelter there, during the 1821 revolution - national hero’s Karaiskakis’ family included.

Nowadays the island counts very few inhabitants, while cars are prohibited. The landscape is impressively green, lush with pines and olive groves, that reach up to the sea. The beaches are a discovery on their own. The fact that most of them are accessible only by sea makes yacht chartering the best, if not the only way, to enjoy its beauties to the fullest. It is not uncommon to come across dolphins here… All you need is your yacht and some extra luck!


Atokos is another tiny islet that promises to leave a huge imprint on your overall sailing adventure. Located on the south of Lefkada and north of Ithaca, this is a magnificent destination, home to a rich and unspoiled nature, turquoise colored waters, and pristine secluded beaches, impressively similar to the west coast of Lefkada.

Expect a dramatic scenery; imposing peaks, huge white cliffs, an adventurous coastline with several fascinating caves. There is one central beach on the island and has it all; white sand, limestone pebbles, turquoise, crystal clear waters! What else could you possibly ask for? Well, since you are among the lucky ones that visit this islet by boat, be it a bareboat or skippered yacht, chances are you will get the chance to enjoy more. There are coves and caves and picturesque bays, and all sorts of natural beauties waiting to amaze anyone sailing the Ionian. Grab the opportunity.

Erimitis Beach (Paxi)

Head towards the west coast of Paxos and prepare yourself for yet another top-notch sailing experience! Nature never ceases to create miracles and Erimitis Beach is an excellent sample of its skills. Not much more than a decade ago, a piece of rock collapsed into the sea after an earthquake, and- in just four years or so- the huge waves did an excellent job in forming this young and extremely promising beach.

The presence of the huge white rocks is dominant and in combination with the milky blue waters, give an overall strange exotic feel to the place. Moreover, its western orientation makes it a perfect spot for that instagram worthy sunset shots. Is this a spot you can’t miss while sailing in one of our charter-yachts? The answer is simple. YES.

Voutoumi (Antipaxi)

Imagine a small bay with shallow, crystal clear, turquoise waters, surrounded by a green scenery, where lush vegetation and cypresses reach up to the white, exotic sand, and you get a first glimpse of what Voutoumi looks like. Reality is always greater than words and the only way to fully appreciate and enjoy this amazing, secluded beach of Antipaxos (for many the best of the island and for some one of the best in the world) is to actually get yourself there while sailing in one of our charter-yachts. It is no coincidence that Telegraph included this beach in its tribute to Europe’s most beautiful “hidden” beaches. Yes, this is a real gem that you can’t risk missing. Just drop anchor and let the magic unfold in the form of turquoise and indigo waters.