Southern Ionian

1 Week
Lefkada Base
Hop on your yacht from our charter base at Lefkada and get ready to depart for an unforgettable tour of the Southern Ionian! Enjoy yourself at popular sailing destinations like Vasiliki, Porto Katsiki, Kefalonia island and Agia Euphemia, Ithaca, Pera Pigadi, Vathy, Atokos and Kalamos. You can plan your own itinerary but feel free to use the one below as inspiration!
Day 1
Get yourself excited! Your Ionian sailing adventure is about to kick off right here, right now, in the beautiful island of Lefkas! We will be more than happy to welcome you at our base in Lefkas’ Marina (1). Our team will brief you on all your trips’ details and afterwards you will check into the brand new yacht you’ll come to love for the next one or more weeks! After check-in, you could sail off towards Vasiliki (2), a picturesque port in the southern part of the island. Make sure you get to explore the village - and its marvellous tavernas, before you sleep like a bird surrounded by the serenity of the marina.
Day 2
An amazing day is about to begin, so think twice before you snooze that morning alarm! Weather (winds and waves) allowing, today is the day to head to the western side of Lefkas; the world-famous Porto Katsiki (3) awaits to dazzle you with its Caribbean-colored waters! When the wind freshens up, set sails towards Kefalonia Island and the picturesque port of Agia Euphemia (4). Wander around the small village, do some shopping and don’t miss out on the opportunity to satisfy your senses, while having a well deserved dinner in one of the many waterside tavernas!
Day 3
Ready to fall in love with a Monday? Now is the time. Turn due east out of Agia Euphemia village, and take on a beautiful leg until you reach Pera Pigadi (5) in Ithaca; swimming in its crystal clear waters will be a breathtaking experience. Once you’ve had enough - if that’s even possible, you’ll sail towards Vathi, the capital of Ithaca and renowned home to homeric Ulysses, but not before you take a little dive in Lygia and Filiatro. Once you’ve entered Molos Bay, head straight to Vathy (6) as you pass by Lazareto island, which is within Vathy’s bay. Moor up and walk around the town, rent a bike, enjoy the culture and the food!
Day 4
Tonight you’ll be staying at anchor so make sure you take care of your provisions! Our choice for the day is a little paradise on Earth called Atokos (7)! If you wake up early, and we strongly suggest you do so, you’ll have the opportunity to visit both amazing gulfs of the island! Trust us, you really don’t want to miss out on anything. Just drop your anchor and take in this jaw-dropping scenery.
Day 5
Hoist your sails and let the wind take you to beautiful Kalamos! Make sure you get to swim in front of the abandoned village of Porto Leone (8) - the spot is amazingly peaceful! Afterwards, head up to Kalamos’ harbour (9) and drop your anchor in its crystal clear blue waters. Oh wait, is that a dolphin over there? Well, quite probably so. You see, in such pristine waters sudden encounters with not so common sea species should come as no surprise.
Day 6
Head north to one of the countless scenic bays of Meganisi (10). Enjoy the sea and the sun, while snorkeling and admiring the fertile, pine-covered scenery! You can then head to Vathy (11), the capital of Meganisi, where you can spend the night at the marina. Useful tip: Fill up the boat with diesel so that you can skip the traffic at Lefkas marina gas station! Once you are done, fill up your soul with the fresh air and the exhilarating scents of the forest and the mountain, while strolling through the villages’ narrow roads!
Day 7
Rise and shine because another beautiful day awaits you! Next swimming stop is Bathyabale (12). Lose yourself in the infinite shades of blue and green, at a place that you will surely wish you could take back home with you! Good news is you will actually take it back with you -in your unforgettable memories! Kindly note that you will have to reach Lefkas’ Marina (13) by no later than 18:00, so you can settle down on time, take a bath and go to bed. Ok, that was obviously a joke. Lefkas is out there, a lively city at your disposal and this is your last night, so most likely you won't rush to say ''goodnight''.
Day 8
Your sailing adventure is about to reach its end. We know it is heartbreaking, but a promise that more will come in the future always helps. Make sure you leave the boat at 9:00, so we’ll have some time to clean it and get it ready for the next sailors. Thank you for your trust and we look forward to welcoming you back on-board soon!