Southern Ionian alternative itinerary

1 Week
Lefkada Base
Our charter base in Lefkas is the perfect starting point for yet another adventure in the awe inspiring waters of the Northern Ionian! Make sure you check both our Southern Ionian itineraries for many many ideas!
Day 1
The long awaited moment has finally arrived! Your Ionian sailing vacation is about to begin in the beautiful island of Lefkas! Once you reach our base in the island’s main Marina (1), our team will brief you on all the trips’ details, just before you check into the brand new yacht that you’ll call home for a week or two! After check-insail off towards Meganisi Island and Spartochori gulf (2). Put the marvellous tavernas in your to-do list and satisfy your senses with a mouthwatering meal before sweet sleep finds you in your comfy floating bed.
Day 2
We really hope you are an early bird, because, weather permitting on this sunny Sunday, one of Ionian’s most famous attractions awaits you; the world-famous Porto Katsiki (3) will enchant you with its Caribbean-colored waters! When the wind freshens up, set sails towards Kefalonia Island and the picturesque port of Fiskardo (4). Wander around the small village, do some shopping and treat yourself to a delicious dinner at one of the many local tavernas!
Day 3
Weather is not an issue. One way or another, you will end up swimming in amazing waters, be them Afales or Marmakas (5), both renowned beaches of the island of Ulysses! Once you’ve had enough swimming, relaxing and taking in the magnificent sceneries, (we suspect it’s gonna take a while to get there), you’ll sail till you reach the small but truly magical little port of Kioni (6) ! Not much to do ashore but hey, you’re on vacation! And when on vacation, being lazy from time to time feels just right!
Day 4
Turn due south, out of Kioni village, and take on a beautiful leg until you reach Pera Pigadi (7); a blissfully blue spot to swim in! Take you time to enjoy each moment and when it feels right, certainly not before you take a little dive in Lygia and Filiatro, take the northern route towards Vathi (8), the capital of Ithaca. Once you’ re into Molos Bay, head straight to Vathy, passing by Lazareto island which is within Vathys’ bay. Moor up and walk around the town, rent a bike, enjoy the culture and the food! Yes, life can actually be that good!
Day 5
Make sure you won’t run out of provisions cause tonight you’ll be staying at anchor! Today’s destination will be a little paradise on Earth called Atokos (9)! If you are an early bird, and for your own sake we really hope you are, you’ll have the opportunity to visit both amazing gulfs of the island. Would you want to miss out on this crystal clean, blue extravaganza? That’s what we thought. Drop anchor, breathe in, relax!
Day 6
Thursday: Head north to one of the countless scenic bays of Meganisi (10) and enjoy the sea and the sun, while snorkeling and admiring the fertile, pine-covered scenery! What a bliss! Afterwards, you can head to Vathy (11), the capital of Meganisi, where you can spend the night. Take a stroll through the villages’ narrow roads and fill up yourself with all the scents of the mountain and the trees! You might also be interested in filling up with diesel, avoiding all the traffic and fuss at Lefkas’ marina gas station.
Day 7
: Rise and shine because another beautiful day awaits you! Next swimming stop is Bathyabale (12). Get lost in the infinite shades of blue and green at a place that you will most probably can’t get enough off! We regret to inform you that as hard as it may seem, you’ll have to be back at Lefkas’ marina (13) no later than 18:00, so you can take your time to settle down, have a bath and get ready to discover the lively city by night!
Day 8
All good things come to an end, and this sailing vacation is no exception. Sadly, this is the time to say goodbye. Kindly leave the boat by 9:00, so we’ll have some time to clean her and make sure the next sailors find it in perfect condition, just like you did in the beginning of your trip. Till we sail again together, thank you for your trust. We look forward to welcoming you back on-board again soon!